History of bagpiper Mushakbaj in Uttarakhand

The sound of bagpipes in a remote village in Uttarakhand is rather rare and unusual. Here we were, listening to them in Baijnath in Bageshwar district, with drums playing in sync. In the distance, we could also hear high-pitched voices singing, interspersed with laughter and clapping. We arrived at what appeared to be a festival, but was in fact a local wedding. We could now see the faces of those playing the instruments. The musicians also danced and sang. Dressed in vibrant colours, the performers used shields and swords, and danced in pairs. In weddings here, the local community follows the procession, and the bride rides on a horse till the wedding hall.

Source : ruralindiaonline.org

Credit : Yashashwini Raghunandan & Ekta Mittal

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