दGadi Pool

It becomes extremely difficult to find a seat in an AC bus heading towards hills. For that matter, sometimes, it becomes even more difficult to find a bus for the right destination. We all have spent hours standing at the ISBT, Delhi, with heavy bags, haven't we?
For the same, we present to you 'दGadi Pool', which literally means - Pooling with a friend.
So, whether it is to beat the summer heat, or to simply get back home, put your requests and find a ride, or share a cab.
For safety purposes, your authentic Phone Number, Email Address and a Copy of Govt. Identification Proof (all three) are necessary to enjoy a comfortable journey with like-minded individuals.
As this will be between two individuals, Pahadi Tips does NOT take any responsibility of authenticity of any individual/group. Please proceed with caution.
Pahadi Tips TIP (especially for women travellers): Click a copy of the person you are travelling with, the Cab number and share with your loved ones.

Pahadi Tips is just providing a platform for people to connect. We are not endorsing it in any way. So, no payments are to be made on the website.
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